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Amount Needed: 13 Dropped By: Wight Knight, Gargoyle Tip: Maybe not as common as Search Ghost, but still plenty.After defeating Oogie Boogie, you can find a lot of them spawning where Oogie's Manor used to be.You should be able to collect enough Spirit Shards along your journey.

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Defenders can be pretty tough early, but with the right equipment and level you should be able to make quick work of them.You then need to go to the Moogle Shop where you can synthesize to develop the required items. inside of the Accessory Shop which leads to the Moogle Shop.With such an incredibly annoyingly low percentage of 2% this grind may take awhile. The best location to grind for these would be the Third District of Traverse Town after beating Ansem-Riku in Hollow Bastion.Amount Needed: 9 Dropped By: Darkball Tip: If you're following or have followed my tip for collecting Bright Crystals in the Third Crystal, then you will notice that a lot of Darkballs spawn in while fighting the Defenders.Not only does it seem like the drop rarity is less than it actually is, but having to fight in this world can get very annoying!Just keep at it, and hopefully you have Lucky Strike equipped to make the grind somewhat easier.After you have defeated the third wave of Shadows, 10 giant sized Shadows known as Gigas Shadows will appear which also have a chance of dropping Lucid Shards, just be careful not to get hit by them or they will disappear.Amount Needed: 13 Dropped By: Soldier, Large Body Tip: Soldiers and Large Bodies are another very common enemy that you will fight through normal progression of the game.Amount Needed: 10 Dropped By: Blue Rhapsody Tip: Frost Shards, like Blaze Shards, are among the easiest materials to collect, as you run into Blue Rhapsody quite often in the game.Amount Needed: 19 Dropped By: Shadow Tip: A great location to farm for Lucid Shards would be in Wonderland.


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