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Marlow sees a similarity between the experiences of Britain under the rule of the Ancient Roman Empire and its officials.The way the Romans perceived the Europeans is the same way the Europeans were regarding the African natives in the 19 century.The essay has discussed what Marlow discovered about European presence in Africa as well as what he realized about the potential of human nature.

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Marlow appears to be a man of immense pride and civilization with some sense of compassion.

He also emerges to hold very unique values from the rest of his European counterparts, the Belgians.

He acknowledges that the potential of man to act inhumanly towards fellow man was one of the greatest sins.

Marlow noted that man can choose to be humane and should be seen in action rather than mere words (Conrad 51).

Marlow, according to the story, was the captain of a ferry-boat in Cong-an African country.

The title of the novel carries with it great meaning.

They two totally separate qualities of human nature.

He discovered that human beings can lack the humane nature when dealing with each other.

To show compassion, be tender, loving, have a kind heart and considerate is to be humane.

Marlow learnt during his encounters in Africa that one does not affect or influence the other.


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