Hardest Decision Essay

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I have a business that allows me to visit New York often, yet I’m able to come home to the people who mean the most to me. .) It was a (very) hard lesson to learn, one that literally brought me to my knees, but ultimately it’s one I’m so proud to share with others who believe the only path to happiness is climbing the ladder and 24-hour takeout.

I didn’t have to “choose” because, turns out, fulfillment isn’t the result of where you live, but who you are. Though I may not live in the city that never sleeps, I sleep soundly every night – and somehow that’s alright.

They were talking loudly – competing with the sound of what was now a full-on construction site – but when they saw me, everything stopped.

Even the jackhammers and ever-present honking traffic somehow felt quiet as we all fixed on each other for a moment.

Still, it wasn’t the idea of that caused my whole body to revolt – it was the idea of going with him.

That’s because moving to Charlotte meant I wouldn’t be moving to New York City where I had two roommates and a ridiculously overpriced apartment waiting.

Well the mid exams went very bad and I scored very less.

This track record continued in successive tests, mids and Lab externals.

“Choosing to write Supplementary Exam rather than giving up my Dream”When I was in in my 1–2 Semester I got a mail from “Paper Boat Drinks” that if I am interested to direct a short anime advertisement for their product “Kaala Khatta”. As soon I reached home after my classes, I took out my stationary and my sketch book and started preparing draft for the advertisement.

For the first few minutes, after reading the mail I was surprised and couldn’t believe what I read. I was kinda nervous back then, didn’t knew what should be the theme of the story and worried about how can I manage my academics and this project at same time.


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