Hamlet'S Fourth Soliloquy Essay

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Hamlet continues his fiery speech by degrading himself and resoluting to take some sort of action to revenge his father's death.Next, Hamlet's flaw of irresolution is shown after his third soliloquy, the famed "To be or not to be..." lines.

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That’s the consideration that makes us suffer the calamities of life for so long.

Because who would bear all the trials and tribulations of time— the oppression of the powerful, the insults from arrogant men, the pangs of unrequited love, the slowness of justice, the disrespect of people in office, and the general abuse of good people by bad— when you could just settle all your debts using nothing more than an unsheathed dagger?

Hamlet directly identifies his own tragic flaw, remarking of his own inability to act.

Hamlet, 2 unsure whether or not the his uncle Claudius was responsible for his father's murder, schemes to have The Murder of Gonzago presented to the royal court, with a few minor changes, so its contents would closely resemble the circumstances behind the murder.

More coursework: 1 - A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I - J | K - L | M | N - O | P - S | T | U - Y Hamlet as a Tragic Hero William Shakespeare, the greatest playwright of the English language, wrote a total of 37 plays in his lifetime, all of which can be categorized under tragedy, comedy, or history.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Shakespeare's most popular and greatest tragedy, displays his genius as a playwright, as literary critics and academic commentators have found an unusual number of themes and literary techniques present in Hamlet.Hamlet concerns the murder of the king of Denmark and the murdered king's son's quest for revenge.Its main character, Hamlet, possesses a tragic flaw which obstructs his desire for revenge and ultimately brings about his death.While Polonius and Claudius hide and eavesdrop, Hamlet breaks into this most famous soliloquy, perhaps the best-known speech in the English language.Hamlet returns to the question of suicide, wondering if it would be preferable to end his life or not.Though Hamlet’s language has grown more direct from its earlier references to “dew,” it still speaks to his passivity in the face of desperation.He phrases the question of death in the abstract with the infinitive verb forms “to be, or not to be”—and makes it “the question” of humanity, as opposed to a personal matter.To die, to sleep—because that’s all dying is— and by a sleep I mean an end to all the heartache and the thousand injuries that we are vulnerable to— that’s an end to be wished for! To sleep, perhaps to dream—yes, but there’s there’s the catch.Because the kinds of dreams that might come in that sleep of death— after you have left behind your mortal body— are something to make you anxious.Suicide, on the other hand, is presented as an active fight that wages war on “a sea of troubles” and, indeed, is successful in the endeavor.The phrase “by opposing end them” seems noble or glorious, but what it literally means is to vanquish one’s “outrageous fortune” by ending one’s life.


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