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Google’s setup is slightly more invasive and complex, but that’s not entirely Google’s fault.Back in 2011 when Google Wallet debuted, the infrastructure of mobile payment security was messier and Google had to make its own system from scratch.The line was long with irate New Yorkers, so I sheepishly paid with my credit card instead.

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One of the advantages of Google Wallet is that it works with some loyalty card programs and you can use any credit card on its system.

With Apple Pay, you can only use cards from specific banks and corporate cards don’t work yet, even if they’re Visa, Master Card, or American Express.

Apple’s partnerships and delayed entrance into the mobile payments space gives its wallet a leg up on the competition.

However, Google Wallet is by no means difficult to set up in comparison with other mobile payment apps.

The first time I did setup Apple Pay, it took me less than a minute to add my first card.

Here’s how to set up Apple Pay: At the end of the day, it’s easier to set up Apple Pay.Apple Pay’s partnerships with banks allow it to avoid storing all your personal data on its servers.Instead, the card number, account number, and all your other sensitive data stay safely vaulted with your bank and credit card provider.My payment went through and I cheerfully waited for my food. I didn’t have to wake my phone, open the app, or do anything else.I’ve used Apple Pay multiple times since its debut and each time has been effortless, whether I was buying groceries at Whole Foods, picking up tissues at Duane Reed, or ordering things from an app.Loyalty cards don’t work on Apple pay yet either, but Apple assures its users that it will add all these features soon. Even though there are just as many steps involved, Apple makes it very easy for you.Typically, you won’t even have to enter your card information, as the camera will scan it for you.Now users can easily find stores that accept the service, thanks to Apple’s list of partner retailers.Apple’s announcement that 1 million people signed up for Apple Pay in the first 72 hours might also inspire retailers to get on board and dust off their NFC-enabled terminals.Softcard in particular has a hellish setup process and even worse limitations, but we won’t go into that here.Apple Pay and Google Wallet face the same challenges out there in the real world.


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