Good Thesis Paper Battle Star Galactica

Once the cockpit (AKA the thing that looks like a cockroach) was assembled, it was time for the wings.

These were a great deal more complicated than the cockpit.

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then unfolded the cleaned up meshes, tidied up instructions and uploaded the kits. Over time revisions have been made to some of the kits, and all kits presented here are the latest versions.

When looking for a Battlestar Galactica themed craft, I originally thought about making my own version in a style similar to the way I made the crafty donut in a previous episode. And it took a crazy amount of time for the glue to dry.

But after a little searching around, it turns out that someone named Ninja Toes had already designed and made available a pattern. I managed to put together the cockpit before I gave up on that nonsense and cracked out the big guns: AKA gel based crazy glue. Of course I still managed to get crazy glue on my fingers too, but not nearly as bad as the white glue.

I got the first wing to go in, but there ended up being a bit of a gap that would have gone away had I just cut the slots a bit longer where needed, and made their openings a bit wider.

Of course having finished the first wing, I had a lot easier time with the second wing. New on the shelf this week: He’s tough to spot, but I found the flasher gremlin from gremlins one. And of course the NES business card holder from last episode. 13 colonies, Adama, allhailskippy, apollo, Battle star galactica, Battlestar Galactica, boomer, BSG, craft, crafts, crazy glue, cylon, Cylon Raider, cylons, dftba, DIY, gaius baltar, how-to, Julia Nunes, Nerd crafting, nerdcrafting, number six, origami, Paper Craft, papercraft, Pauls show, roslin, saul tigh, skin jobs, Starbuck, That's PS!

Once all the pieces were separated I re-started the assembly, starting with the cockpit again.

I diligently folded the triangles, and began putting everything together one piece at a time.


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