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The final piece will ultimately be one that persuades readers to agree with their point of view.Additionally, to help them dive deeper and develop their skills of persuasion, ask students to research exhibits and collections at Holocaust museums or memorials to create a graphic poster that would inform viewers and persuade them to visit the museum or memorial.

Do you think she will see her friend Ellen again and, if so, what clues in the story help you draw that conclusion? Thinking critically In the course of the story, the Star of David appears several times.

What are some of the symbolic meanings of this star?

How does the nature of Annemarie's observations elucidate human relations to war?

How does the story of Little Red Riding-Hood create a parallel to Annemarie's own story?

Include specific examples from the text to support your answer. Choose at least five characters and write how they demonstrate heroism.

Use specific examples from the text to support your answers and essay.

Published in 1989, this 140-page, middle-grade novel examines the life of two little girls living in Denmark during World War II.

Annemarie Johansen is just ten-years-old and lives next door to her best friend, Ellen Rosen.

is a work of historical fiction offering numerous topics for extended activities.

Parents and teachers can use these free activities and printables to further discuss the difficult themes covered in the novel and open the minds of readers.


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