Going For The Look But Risking Discrimination Thesis

Rhode explains that a law has not been passed yet, because it is difficult to prove that this kind of discrimination is taking place in a...

six million European Jews were dead, killed in the Holocaust.

In this essay Rhode states that workers have been discriminated based on their attractiveness, also individuals seeking employment have also been declined a job or have been given a job based of their looks.

In the essay Rhode argues that there should be a law established in the United States that is against looks discrimination.

With identities disguised, and often physically concealed from the outside world, these youngsters faced constant fear, dilemmas, and danger.

Theirs was a life in shadows, where a careless remark, a denunciation, or the murmurings of inquisitive neighbors could lead to discovery and death.

Mobile killing squads followed the German army into the Soviet Union in June 1941, and by the end of the year, murdered almost 1 million Jewish men, women, and children.

That December, the Chelmno killing center began operation.

During 1942, the Nazis established five more death camps to carry out the gassing of Europe’s Jews.

All Jews were targeted for death, but the mortality rate for children was especially high.


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