Global Warming Literature Review

Several areas are highlighted to improve methods and consistency between impact assessments.

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This means that coal reserves are available up to 2112, and will be the only fossil fuel remaining after 2042.

In India, vehicular pollution is estimated to have increased eight times over the last two decades.

Alternative technologies have been called for repeatedly, seemingly falling upon deaf ears or, cynically, upon those who don’t want to make substantial changes as it challenge their bottom line and reduces their current profits.

Global warming in today’s scenario is threat to the survival of mankind.Lodged at the Curate's, set out to see the Valley; heard an Avalanche fall, like thunder; saw Glacier – enormous.Storm came on, thunder, lightning, hail; all in perfection, and beautiful (Fig 1).There have been differing reports of the exact temperature, ranging from 350 F (Jones & Albasha, 1991, “High Temperature Broiling Preferences of Mrs.Price,” Environmenta 6), and more recent studies favor a variable-temperature hypothesis first proposed by Allis and coworkers (Allis, et al., 1997, “The Temperature of Mrs.This study has undertaken a review of the literature on studies of climate change on cities.The literature review has also collated the key issues and the state of evidence by sector/theme for cities.The review has also considered methodological issues.Understanding and improving methodological approaches, and the way they can affect the impacts and economic cost estimates, is essential to ensure that this type of information can be effectively used in city analysis.Critics of pollution/industrial by-product origins for Global Warming most often cite two major alternative causes for the effect: 1) the sun; and 2) volcanoes.A comprehensive examination of the scientific literature, however, reveals a number of less frequently cited alternative models for the origins of Global Warming. Edwina Price (582 West Paramus Street, Apartment 2D, Cleveland, Ohio).


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