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I think you've got to have 2 complex presentation skills to access the high marks but your teacher should probably be teaching you and your class these and going through them.You also need 7 different techniques, so if you can get lots of different simple skills then you're doing well. By bar chart I meant more like a bi-polar graph like this one You should be using some simple presentation skills and some complex ones.Also, there was only one walking access point to Robin Hood Green, whereas there were three or four walking access points in Pillow Mounds. This evidence supports the evidence from the bar graph, as it suggests more people have been there. This graph shows the percentage of all types of plant and vegetation that I found in the areas. G and that means it is less disturbed by people who would scare away the rabbits.

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Line Graph: To show the trampling scale results that had been taken in all spots of both R. The trampling scale is used to show how trampled the ground is in the area. It was found that in Pillow Mounds, there was exposed topsoil in all of the spots that were visited. And that is that more people have been in the Pillow Mounds and have eroded the ground by walking over it. Overall, from these results, it shows that more people have probably visited Pillow Mounds than visited Robin Hood Green.

I found that the area with the highest trampling scale was R. This was even as much as 65% and 61% in two of the areas. The survey also shows that there is no rabbit poo in Pillow Mounds, whereas there is some in half of the areas in R. This is because there it had a better environmental quality survey result, has more access points, has been more trampled than Robin Hood Green and has more litter.

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Introduction This is the Data Presentation part of the coursework folder.

All of these either mean that there have been more tourists recently or are reasons for the tourists to go there in the first place.

This makes me think that Pillow Mounds is more popular.

The graph tells us the differences between the areas physical factors.

For example, in Robin Hood Green, there is no access for cars at all.

Firstly, I will analyse the simple, and then the complex graphs.

Spider Graph: One of the methods to collect data that I used was a Spider Graph.


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