Gcse Geography Coursework Shopping Hierarchy

The new AQA GCSE syllabus states that it is available to private candidates; the others will probably be too, but have not yet been reviewed for this page.

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AQA suggest that private candidates show evidence of what they've done or get a tutor to confirm, so that the head of centre can sign .

AQA's information for private candidates says: This qualification is available to private candidates with the following condition: Fieldwork Centres accepting private candidates must submit a non-exam assessment and fieldwork centre declaration form.

It was raining heavily when I gave out questionnaires, so there were few people in the High Street except for rough sleepers.

My sample was biased because shoppers were under-represented.

A booklet is released 3 months before the exam so you can study the material in depth and, for AQA, paper 3 is on this material.

You also have to do at least 2 fieldwork days & the head of centre has to sign a form confirming this.New 9-1 GCSE Geography was first examined in Summer 2018.The new GCSEs are, in theory, available to external candidates, but the drawback is that the first year of candidates would be in that guinea-pig group taking it for the first time, so there would be no past papers to work from and fewer online resources from teachers.My eldest son even got away with answering some with bullet points :) From the few new papers I've seen of Edexcel ( there aren't many!) I also think that the high-mark questions for Edexcel are more ambiguous than those of CIE. Even those that aren't are generally explicit about what is needed to answer the question in terms of subject and case study. The map paper and practical/fieldwork paper can be relatively straightforward once you know what you are doing (even though it's tricky to get hold of the maps to practice the map questions).The declaration may be completed following either the presentation of evidence by the candidate and questioning about the fieldwork enquiry, or by a teacher from the centre supervising the candidate's fieldwork activity.Fieldwork must take place outside school grounds on two separate occasions.GCSE Geography is theoretically available to external candidates, but all GCSE Geography specifications have field work requirements which have to be authenticated by the exam centre. Home educators usually take International GCSE (IGCSE) Geography, which is written exams only.You should still carry out fieldwork as it will aid your understanding of the subject and the exam will include questions on how it could be carried out, but it does not need to be signed off by the exam centre.For summer 2019 exams, Edexcel IGCSE Geography will be the new 9-1 IGCSE syllabus, while CAIE should be the current specification.The new GCSEs will have been tried and may seem less of a gamble for external candidates.


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