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Here on our new homework page you will find lots of activities linked to your child's learning in school each term.Just click on an activity and you will find something you can share with your child or something your child can do on their own.

The homework sheets even include a quick mental maths warm at the start to get students thinking.

Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document The idea of this task is to give students cards with a shape on them and they have to create a description using key words. Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document Students are given the skeleton of a question and have to fill in gaps to make the question feasible.

Age range: 16-18 Format: Word document The collection provides questions and solutions, as well as thorough explanations, and helps to form a solid foundation on which to build on when students begin an A-level course following the summer break.

This prepares students for the AS course and gives you a jump start in September.

Worksheets can be downloaded and printed for classroom use, or activities can be completed and automatically graded online.

How on earth can you make learning maths fun for the kids when you don’t understand the sum of it all?!

Not surprisingly, new research by maths e-learning app Matific has found many kids suffer from maths anxiety.

The good news is that kids who participate in fun maths activities are more likely to be engaged and learn. Here’s a few tips for parents to sharpen up their numbers and easy ways to multiply the fun factor by 100 … You can also find the info’ at Australian Curriculum, which sets the expectations for what all Australian students should be taught from kindy (Foundation) to Year 10. For parent- and student-friendly explanations of ‘caterpillar counting, compensation strategy, cylinders’ and a load of maths terms I’ve never heard of, head to School A to Z.

These tasks can be completed during class or are ideal for an end of term homework project.

Age range: 11 – 14 Format: Word document A collection of topic specific worksheets with ideas that can be easily modified or adapted.


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