Free Printable Homework Passes

The first homework pass template sheet is in black and white, which is nice if you want to print several copies of the pass and don’t want to waste color ink.The second homework pass template sheet is in color.No pesky math problems, no tricky grammar questions, just freedom.

There are extras if you have other ideas to use for them. (If you have business card holders, these would work great for holding the cards up on your bulletin board for easy access.) Getting Started 1.

When a student brings in any homework from the night before, have them go over to the board, roll the die and move. Deal with special spaces as the students land on them. Having a rotating “Game Show Host” to keep check on the board as students move will make your job easier.

The homework pass was the holy grail for all elementary school students.

No homework meant a whole open afternoon, free to go outside or stay in and play Sonic the Hedgehog (If you grew up in the nineties anyway).

Each student will do this in the morning when their homework is handed in if they have done the assigned homework. The students will continue to do this throughout the year. Special Spaces * MYSTERY PRIZE – When a student lands on this space, they can pick a prize from a pencil box or maybe the teacher could have little grab bags with the mystery prize in them.

* BRAIN BINDERS -Printable, foldable paper puzzles that range from very easy to very challenging.

Listed below are detailed instructions for Homeworkopoly… To make game tokens, print off our education clipart, write a student’s name under the picture, then pin on the board.

Rolling the die before starting will spread students around the board, if you like. Game pieces may be tacked directly to the board, or outside the board to preserve the playing field. Depending on what version you have chosen to print off the web site, you may need to write in the street names. If you choose to laminate the game board pieces you could let the children rename the streets periodically. Using one die will slow their travel around the board. Print the “Chance” and “Community Lunchbox” cards and cut them out.

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Thanks to all of our reader suggestions, we are now able to make the Homeworkopoly game board available.


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