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Yet the story is, along the way, scattered along with specific details of who Rivers’s is and why he has brought this controversy to himself.

A Muslim Leader in Brooklyn, Reconciling 2 Worlds from the New York Times This profile does more than profile the life of an imam living in Brooklyn. Shata arrived to the United States a day after September 11, and found many challenges as a church leader for himself and the people he led in his mosque. It also tells of the discrimination he faced following September 11, including his mosque being “defiled with graffiti and smeared with feces.” Profiles often become stories about more than just one person.

It also tells the story of how a Muslim lives in the United States, an intriguing story to readers that widens the scope beyond the life of Mr. This profile rarely strays from the stories or experiences of Mr.

Shata, yet is still able to touch on many other important things.

Through his experience, his story becomes one interest for everyone, of what it means to be a Muslim in Brooklyn, to face discrimination after September 11, and to fulfill the lives of mosque attendees and provide for them the religious service we see in all forms of religion.


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