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With this decision being made, the students in charge of the paper were outraged, accusing the principal of censorship of freedom of press.Even though the students who were interviewed in the articles were not named, the principal still felt that it was too much of a risk to take in allowing the newspaper be read by other students and teachers.

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In America, the freedoms granted by the 1st amendment to the Constitution are often called into question by censorship.

Though many elements of censorship have changed where the free press is involved, not all views of what should be shared is taken lightly.

Ice-T argued that music is covered under the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech. After listening to the song, students will be asked to answer the following questions through a classroom discussion to insure that students understand the information and arguments being presented in the song: Lyrics “Freedom of Speech” available at Resources “Popular Music Under Siege” This article provides background information on music labeling and the debate public debate between Ice-T and the PMRC regarding this issue.

Students will be asked to read this article prior to the lesson.

This "preservation of youthful innocence" has long been a shield behind which the supporters of censorship have hidden.

The decisions made may not be acceptable or fair to those who oppose them, but the protection of the innocence of youth will always be what is most important for many.The censorship of the printed word doesn’t just affect newspapers read around the world.High school press papers are well known examples of censorship, due to the perceived "fragility" of young minds.Conservative views are a group of beliefs that have not experienced much in the way of change.Through the censorship of modern thought, expression and belief, conservative minds have been able to preserve their noticeably closed minded way of doing things.While government policies still insist that freedom of expression is an inherent human right, it seems to feel that it can place limitations upon how far this freedom extends.Whether it is music, newspapers, or media, the government will always play a hand in the extent to which free expression can be exercised, though the view of its use in America has changed as time has passed.Censorship dates back as far as the age of antiquity and further with Socrates being one of the first notable figures to perish at its hands.Some have come to view the government as a savior for censoring what they consider wrong, while others see the government as overly authoritative in its attempt to pass judgement upon what is right or acceptable for the masses.Reynolds feared that the students who were talked about in these articles would be discovered and that it would have been a matter of time before harm came to them. Our team has the skills and time to help you reclaim your schedule.Music has long been a target of censors and continues to be one in the 21st century.


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