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Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 17.1 (1992): 29 – 35. “The Other: Orientalism, Colonialism, and Children’s Literature”.

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Sound effects include the deafening noise of shelling and the awful screams of men dying all around.

Albert runs on undeterred through the mayhem, then sees David wounded. When Andrew is suddenly ordered to stay in the trench to shoot deserters Albert encourages him by saying “It's good. Nobody's retreating today.” Although facing almost certain death himself, Albert shows great loyalty and compassion by offering comfort to Andrew (although he is actually staying in the trenches where it is safer).

Albert is a stubborn, hardworking character who uses Joey to plough a field full of rocks, even though it is an impossible task for a thoroughbred.

The director uses interesting scene composition and camera shots to show this.

If the Puritans have started writing for children during the sixteenth century to teach them scriptures, so that they will be absolved from the sins they are born with, the focus has shifted now to a class and gender consciousness and giving an awareness of the power structures of the society they are to live.

“Perhaps more than any other texts, they reflect society as it wishes to be, as it wishes to be seen, and as it unconsciously reveals itself to be” (Hunt 2). He does this by using impacting scene composition, camera shots, camera movements and sound effects.Albert is seen on the front line with his best friend Andrew and and their childhood nemesis David.There is a cut to the rusty, old plough itself which shows how difficult a task this will be.Later there is a long shot of Albert and Joey ploughing in the driving rain and showing the plough moving quickly through the earth.‘The media we use and the stories they tell help to make us who we are’. - Mastronardi (89) As the formative years of childhood lay the foundational stones of a kid’s future, the transformative energy of children’s literature is something that cannot be ignored. We follow Albert’s life from Devon in 1912 and into the First World War.The director uses many different film techniques such as scene composition, camera shots, sound effects and dialogue to show us Andrew’s great character attributes.A close up shot of Andrew shows him to be shaken and terrified, and a long shot shows him huddling with the other filthy British soldiers in a muddy trench.It is clear battle is imminent and Andrew does not want to go.


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