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Spirited Away is a film about Chihiro, a young girl who upon moving to a new town becomes lost in the spirit world after her father takes a wrong turn on their way to their new house.Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited away illustrates not only the struggles Chihiro has to overcome in order to save her parents who turn into pigs upon eating the food of the spirit world, but there are also many instants in which the role of the economy have caused an impact on Chihiro’s journey.It is mostly unconscious and it appears in everyday human’s daily lives.

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What they don’t see is that Hayao Miyazaki is one of many anime directors that have encoded a hidden message in their productions such as Spirited Away, and it is up to the consumer to take notice and decode this message. Excerpts of Hayao Miyazaki's news conference announcing his retirement Retrieved from Suzuki, T.

Ideology is attitudes, beliefs, perceptions that commonly shared by the people in society.

They walk through the tunnel and discover a new world behind it.

They keep on walking and finally go into a small town where is no one there.

All beings can be called Kami such as river, woods, or even human beings (Ono and Woodard 6). They regard Kami as an object of worship in Shinto religion.

Throughout the film, it can be seen that many elements of Shinto aspect is subtly embed.Anime or animation started in the early 20th century by Japanese filmmakers who experimented with animation techniques.Hayao Miyazaki, a director, animator, screenwriter, and illustrator of such animated films is the creator of Spirited Away.In particular bourgeoisie, proletariat, and the informal economy are three concepts that are useful tools in analyzing spirited away.Conflict theorist Karl Marx defines the bourgeoisie as the individuals who own the means of production.This essay is going to be focusing on two particular aspects which are Shinto beliefs and human versus nature.In Asian culture, people usually give priority to the religion.Therefore the ideology in film takes a powerful role that shapes aspects of people’s beliefs.When it comes to a film, people who watch the film receive a message from it whether that message is explicit or not.Yubaba illustrates several characteristics of a bourgeoisie one being her exploitation of her workers in particular Yubaba capitalizes Kohaku (Haku) and Chihiro (Sen) by taking both of their given names in exchange for working under her this causes them to forget their origins and identity making it easier for her to use them as she felt fit. Anime in general speaks to many issues and situations we experience on a daily basis. Thus, illustrating immediately how much power she... For example, the anime Naruto speaks of growing up as an orphan, learning to grow as a person, friendship, dreams, and so much more yet all a majority of people can seem to grasp is that it is about fighting ninja.


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