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Scroll down to discover what moving countries have taught me about life, so far. I did a complete Marie Kondo on our house and edited our closets to the basic essentials, gave away our kitchen appliances to charity, and passed on the big furniture items to friends. Minimalist living not only frees up our space, but it also saves the planet from unnecessary waste, and the house is so much easier to clean too.

We whittled our entire home contents down to 15 small boxes, which only occupied the corner of a shipping container. If I thought the decision to move was hard enough, telling my family was even worse.

Moving overseas has shown me that change isn’t something we should ever be afraid of.

It has made me more adaptable, stronger, and independent.

Our son was only a toddler when we first moved into that cool 1800s terrace house, so you can only imagine the sentimental value and fond memories this space held for us.

I wasn’t sure how we could find something with this much history and love in L. but one thing I’ve learned from this experience is that home really is where you make it.I no longer feel inadequate or afraid of anything, because I know what I’ve accomplished to get here.The only way you’ll really ever know is to go, and just believe that everything is going to work out just fine, because it usually does.Moving abroad has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and to have confidence in doing it too.I have no other choice but to expect the unexpected and trust in my skill set to handle any issues as they come.It’s amazing how resilient you become and this confidence transfers into everything else in your life too, at work and at home.I trust in my ability to handle issues as they arise, and that diminishes any irrational fears.The idea of leaving my family, our beloved community of friends, and the familiar surroundings of our cute little neighborhood behind was tough, and we certainly didn’t make the decision lightly.But we are adventurers at heart—we met backpacking in Europe—and the thrill of the unknown was stronger than the comfort zone.So we sold most of our belongings, bought three one-way tickets, and arrived in Phoenix, Arizona, with just six suitcases and a head full of dreams.Since arriving, there have been many highs and lows, tears and laughter, but after a couple of months we secured amazing jobs and brought our fantasy family home to life in L. This invaluable experience has been an emotional roller coaster, but the university of life has been the best teacher. In fact, having less has actually made us happier, and it’s surprising how much you can live without.


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