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Being added to the plant, it helps to get rid of insects, increase the rate of growth and provide many other advantages for the seller but not for the customer.The second thread is genetically grown plants which is the topic of many types of research and this genetically modified foods essay is one of the most interesting among proposed.Also in this section: 1) Horrible impact of junk food on our nutrition.

There are so many outlets give us options to satisfy our appetite with variety type of junk and fast food.

Unfortunately, most people think about their nutrition only facing some problems.

Nowadays, Junk food is defined as any food packed with "full of calories", which are contains of an abundance of fat, sugar, sodium, and other chemicals, which has less nutritional value.[ may 2003) Junk food can also be defined as any food that contributes little or no nutrient value to the diet, but instead provides excess calories and fat.

Junk food is actually an American way of life, which has already wide spread around the world.

Junk food has become librating trend to lots of country, because of its chief attraction.

There illustration of junk food can be summarized with 4 words, which are fun, tasty, cheap and fascinating. It chief attractions influence people prefer consuming junk food to consuming normal wholesome foods in order to stay healthy.

At the first view, these products do not cause any problems but let’s have a little agricultural discourse.

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These experiments are intended to provide fruit and vegetable with features specific to other plants or even animals.

It is better for you to pick the fruit and vegetables carefully, ask your friends or relatives, buy trusted brands.


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