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Abortions should be used only to spare fetuses future misfortunes and grueling mental and physical pain (Beth). Although this book carried the obvious Halloween-feel themes Shelly had a greater meaning for the book. Shelly believed in the need of human connections and the importance for a person’s actions and for a person’s relationship with others. Doctor Frankenstein is repulsed immediately after creating artificial life and “when [he thinks] of him, he gnashed his teeth, his eyes became inflamed, and he ardently wished to extinguish that life which he had so thoughtlessly bestowed (351). ” Victor then continues later to overlook his hypocrisy as a creator of life when he grieves Justine accused of killing William by exclaiming: “To have murdered the son of her benefactor, a child whom she nursed from its birth, and appeared to love as if it had been her own! After reanimating a soul from many different body parts, Victor soon regrets his decision thus abandoning his creature and creating an abortion theme. Doctor Frankenstein’s creation, a hideous being, unable to adapt into human society, covers beyond the plot to offer awareness on a debated issue like abortion. Mary Shelly used her background life to create this horror book. She influenced future horror films for decades to come, Halloween costume ideas and quote upon quotes. Victor’s views of giving life are distorted; he is selfish about what he wants from it and aborts it when it is a product he does not like. Shelley portrays a character who is disillusioned about the “secrets” of creation, consumed by his desire to make a life from death (Maslov).


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