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Typically, you choose one of five questions or prompts. The essay is a chance for the admissions officers to meet you. if you were choosing between several candidates for admission, with similar qualifications and you know one of them, which one would you choose? If written properly, the admissions officers will be able to get to know you from your college admission essay.

The prompts are very general and can yield many interesting college essay topics. Don’t you always cheer for the protagonist in a novel? Your writing should use a casual style and must capture your voice. The essay needs to be well written with a beginning, a middle and an end. You may need some coaching or editing, but be very careful that the essay sounds like you and not like a parent or teacher.

Getting to know you, helping you understand how you are unique and can stand out is what we love to do and will do for you.

In the wake of what has been called the largest college admissions scandal the Department of Justice has ever prosecuted, much has been made about the role of “privilege” in the college admissions racket.

For if privilege is traceable to autonomously undertaken hard work, then how can it not be in some sense earned, and therefore deserved?

If, on the other hand, privilege is a kind of accidental inheritance—that is to say, the product of a fundamentally contingent interplay of genes and environmental influences—then a critique of the concept reveals it to be but an index of barely concealed who have appointed themselves the oppressed American’s tribunes will assign to her no sense of guilt or obligation; the proper attitude for such a person, rather, is one of unappeasable entitlement with respect to those who enjoy advantages she does not.

"The defendants’ actions were unpardonable, of course, but the greater scandal is that the progeny of the privileged continue to take up more than their share of space in our nation’s most prestigious universities." The U. Constitution specifies that “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States.” But what is a degree from one of our nation’s elite colleges—nearly all of which are funded in part by the generosity of the taxpaying public—if not a signifier of membership in a kind of de facto nobility?

In the great national myth of equality, our country is alleged to be aristocracy-free, but there nevertheless exists a class of people who would appear to be suspiciously feudal in character: a class with its own set of norms and customs, and a tendency to go on reproducing itself through the generations, gobbling up desirable real estate and flexing its lobbying muscle at the highest reaches of government.

The college admission essay causes lots of anxiety but believe me it is fun!

When else do you get to focus so much time on yourself?


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