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(The youngest on the team is literally half my age.) While I have a long and varied resume, and enjoy occasionally blowing my colleagues’ minds on Slack with comments that underscore how long I’ve been around, I don’t necessarily feel more mature or “adult” than the rest of them — gray hair, arthritic joints, hot flashes and occasional lapses in memory notwithstanding. I want to know how other people — Gen X women like me, but also people of all genders and different backgrounds, at different points in their lives — are processing getting older. * * * The first piece in the “Fine Lines” series, “Gone Gray,” by memoirist Jessica Berger Gross, is about her decision, at 45, to stop dying her hair, and how it has, in some ways, actually led her to feel younger.I find age and aging to be confusing and mystifying, and therefore fascinating. Like, why do we give birthday cards that make jokes about getting older? We hope you’ll enjoy it, along with the rest of the series, as it unfolds.On another note, society has labeled gray hair not only as a sign of old age, but also as a sign of lifelessness.

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An individual's hair color should never reflect the vibrancy they behold, but modern day society unfortunately depicts gray hair as a symbol of dullness.

Author Mary Pipher exclaims how older people were once viewed as a positive, but now have been malformed to an undesirable persona.

Age was once a word that society admired and respected, but modern day humanity has corrupted that viewpoint and has transformed age into something that human beings should delay and conceal.

A celebrity is a perfect example of an individual in today's world that has a great degree of public fascination who does everything in their power to fight the results of aging.

The results suggest that an increase in home equity decreases risk aversion, but the effect is not significant.

Mark Twain once said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter.

According to the information on my birth certificate, however, I was born in October of 1965, making me, at this writing, chronologically speaking, 52.

I am the oldest on the Longreads team, by kind of a lot.

The study also examines its effect on the health of young children living with the pension beneficiaries.

In particular, I examine the impact of the 2011 expansion of the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme on the labor and health outcomes of the elderly and co-residing grandchildren.


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