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A respectful treatment of one another is important to us.

Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules.

” that I’ve designed my life around for many years—I wonder. Craving a way of living, and leaders to teach us how to live.

On top of this, I think that many of the structures and institutions that we’ve previously trusted to help us “lead the good life” are failing us.

Today, we craft smaller philosophical stories by attaching ourselves to various crafts—Yoga, for example, is a philosophy and a practice; education is a practice and a routine; a job and the daily grind, for many, becomes our routine.

Yet as I muse—and as I make more time and space to muse, deliberately un-scheduling myself from the epic chase towards “more work! I think there is a bigger story in our national culture: perhaps we’re a nation craving a philosophy.It’s not an easy question, and perhaps one we spend most of our time avoiding. It’s not something that you are necessarily born with (although many are born “playing the piano,” and other examples), sometimes you have to cultivate, curate, and discover what it is that makes you tick. Personally, I find this stressful to consider: we don’t always know what we like, and sometimes we have to get really good at something before we find it satisfying; the paradox of passion is that often, in my experience, you have to grow it.Socrates is believed to be the first philosopher who tried to find the meaning of life.He tried to explain the life in terms of a person’s commitment towards the state.I had lot of doubts at that period since all these people talked about good and evil.They taught me that only good people will get salvation whereas bad people will go to hell. My parents told me that the life in hell is a miserable one whereas the life in heaven is an eternal one and also enjoyable.At this point it’s worth turning the question over to you: Do you identify with any of the following assumptions? Or perhaps is it time to stop and consider—Do you really want these things? They might fit perfectly fine, and you may love having a car, a house, an education, and a family. I live my life (awash in counter-culture and a proliferation of bloggers and writers that preach the “unconventional” lifestyle; I also inhabit what I think is one of the greatest cities in the world; and I realize as I travel, write, and challenge these assumptions that a lot of people aren’t hearing this message yet. The greatest philosophers spent time and energy discovering how and what to do, and how to live.Are these part of These are just the start to the blend of life philosophies that you may have inadvertently adopted. That the following is all optional, if you’re creative about it:a good life, note the subtle difference? We are, as Irvine writes, provided with “an endless stream of distractions” so we “won’t ever have to” think about our “grand goal in living.”And I tweeted about this recently: If you get to age 90 and look back, what will you be happy about? The early schools of philosophy were developed around specific ideas and beliefs about what one should (and shouldn’t) do and become in their lifetimes.The study and creation of a philosophy of life isn’t crafted in a single day or conversation: it’s something you work towards, specifically, over time; for many Greeks and Romans, they hired tutors and enrolled in studies in order to develop and adopt a philosophy of life.


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