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”, by which the student means “will my crappy score be increased to a passing grade by some mathematical manipulation?

” I suspect that very few of them recognize the origins of “the curve” in the ubiquitous presence of the normal distribution.

In many of my courses, students take in-class tests with essay and true-false items.

I use these questions to assess how well students understand important course concepts and to see how well they can analyze and apply evidence in ways that demonstrate their mastery of course materials.

A holistic score emphasizes the interrelation of different thinking and writing qualities in an essay (such as content, organization, and syntax) and tries to denote the unified effect that all of these elements combine to produce.

I have just finished my thirty-fifth year of teaching at the same university.I assign grades to open-response items using the following assessment criteria: F: The answer does not meet college-level expectations for quality of work.The answer is either left blank or completely wrong in a way that indicates that the question's key concepts/terms are not understood at all by the student.An A answer explains clearly all major aspects of a concept/term, and it provides many examples from the course readings and seminars, thus showing that the key materials related to the concept have been thoroughly mastered and explained by the student.For essay answers that fall somewhere between two categories, plus-minus grades will be assigned.An A answer goes beyond correctly defining the question's key concepts and accurately explaining their relationship to major class topics.An A answer also provides numerous examples and specific references to course readings and seminar discussions, indicating that the student thoroughly understands and can apply the concept/term and support arguments with the best available evidence.C: The answer demonstrates that the student understands the item's relevant concepts at a basic level.A C response answers the question correctly but is very short or inaccurate with details; it defines the key terms correctly and provides a basic idea of their significance.Similarly, a term paper ideally should demonstrate a student’s mastery of a defined subject, by their knowledge of the scientific literature and their ability to integrate it into a coherent narrative. But how do we measure these desired characteristics and use them to objectively assign some letter grade? ) And I passed this on to my own students; the professorial equivalent of the parental “because I said so!” Then, about fifteen years ago, I discovered the rubric. For those not familiar with them, rubrics generally refer to detailed written criteria of what is required to receive a particular grade in an assignment, paper, or test question; they are given to students Outstanding explanation of topic with superior supporting information; shows excellent command of the literature read this semester; clear and logical, perhaps showing some creativity; goes well beyond minimum needed to answer the question. The total score on a question is the sum of the content and writing scores; the grade on the test is based on the total of all scores.


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