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The FDA has given the e-cigarette industry an ultimatum: convince the agency that they can cut down on use by minors or face consequences.

The FDA has taken more than 1,000 pages of documents from JUUL headquarters in recent months as part of the crackdown.

From parties to libraries to restrooms, e-cigarettes are prevalent on campus.

JUULs, often compared to flash drives for their sleekness and form, are easier to conceal than cigarettes.

Smoking bans are common around the world and have been in place for years.

In fact, one of the earliest smoking bans took place in 1575, when the Roman Catholic church in Mexico forbade people from using tobacco products while they’re in church.

However, Rose warned that e-cigarettes "should not be viewed as risk-free." "After all, users may remain addicted to nicotine even though they eliminate their exposure to carcinogens," he wrote.

"It’s analogous to switching heroin addicts to methadone—the user may remain addicted, but to a less dangerous compound.” Kadakia explained that Smoking Cessation Program—including student leaders and University officials—are not currently taking action related to e-cigarettes, but that they are aware of the issue and continuing to have conversations around it.

Under the law, any individual found selling tobacco can face imprisonment for a period of three to five years. I have to pay rent for this place and if I stop selling cigarettes my profits will plummet," she says. The government emphasises improving people’s happiness while relying on four pillars of development - good governance, natural environment, sustainable growth and cultural values.

But the youngster confesses that she is only doing it for financial reasons. The Himalayan nation has a long history of tobacco control.


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