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Scientists are able to study the underground movements of waves with the help of a machine called seismograph.

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In the areas that are more prone to earthquakes, houses are made of lighter material like thatch, bamboo and wood which even when rocked and broken do not injure life.

How to measure the intensity of earthquake: All earthquakes do not cause severe damage.

The earthquakes cause maximum damages in the sky scrapers and densely populated areas.

How to lessen the effects of earthquakes: The best way to lessen the consequences of the earthquakes is to keep a vigil on the earthquake frequented areas and to keep the public well informed about its possibilities.

They may occur in any part of the world at any time.

We are not sure of the underground movements of the earth and its pressure points, so one can only identify areas, where they are likely to occur.There are scales to measure the intensity of the earthquakes. It is a qualitative scale and not a quantitative scale and so not useful to measure the intensity. Richter scale is measured with the help of a graph which measures the energy that is released from within. If the earthquakes measures 7 points on Richter scale, it causes severe damage as it is of severe intensity.Those measuring 5 and less points do not cause much damage.This causes pressure imbalance and results in producing earthquake waves in the surrounding areas. The surface of the earth has certain raised up blocks and certain depressed blocks.It was thus identified that volcanic activity is one of the reasons for earthquakes. To fill in the new faults the movement of earth takes place. They keep the balance of the earth, when it moves revolving on units of axis.They are also likely to occur in Rajasthan in India and Arabian countries.One cannot say that earthquakes do not occur in other places.Its origin can be traced to the early days of earth formation.The cause of an earthquake is the movement or dislocation of lava and hot gases under the depths of the earth’s crust.The people should be evacuated from th earthquake prone areas well in time.The scientists are now able to study and define the secondary waves and tertiary waves also in earthquakes.


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