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Ann is first introduced as one tough cookie; she hunts, manages a farm and has somehow been able to keep her sanity even in her isolation.Shortly thereafter, following a celebratory dinner, a heavily-intoxicated Loomis tells Ann he loves her before passing out in his bed.Ann joins Caleb in the adjoining bathroom, where the two engage in sexual activity.This is a little of each for both audiences and you'll find Ann's level resourcefulness as insulating as that safe-suit.So, less convincingly so, is her abz naivete in a day and age which has just come to an end.The three survivors slowly settle into a marginally-stable partnership.Both men relate post-apocalyptic horrors they witnessed before reaching the valley; Loomis describes a radiation-sickened youth who begged him for death; later, he privately confides to Ann his belief that the dying boy may have been her long-absent brother.The two come to the verge of initiating a sexual relationship, but Loomis demurs, stating that further intimacy will change things between them, and that more time is needed.Mysterious phenomena (including stolen food supplies and a half-glimpsed shadowy figure) culminate in the arrival of a third survivor, Caleb.So, an unexplained nuclear disaster takes place and wipes out most of the human population.One survivor, Ann, played ever so powerfully by Margot Robbie, lives in solitude in a farm house when one day she is visited by a fellow survivor, a man (Chiwetel Ejiofor).


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