Essay On When I Was Stuck In Traffic Jam

Essay On When I Was Stuck In Traffic Jam-5
If you’re lucky, you might be able to utilize one of these waivers when you’re running late. It doesn’t matter if the first leg of your connecting flight was delayed.Or you were stuck in traffic frantically trying to get to the airport.

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Anything less than that runs the risk of you either watching in horror as your plane leaves without you, or discovering your checked luggage didn’t make the trip. That’s why we urge you to use a phone app like before heading to the airport to predict the security line wait times.

This will sound brain-dead obvious, but it bears repeating: Allow plenty of time to check in (e.g., obtain your boarding pass) and get to your departure gate. Important: 12-24 hours before your flight, make sure to download your flight boarding pass and either print it out or have save it in your airline’s travel app.

To lead the country to the path of development we should be careful to solve the problem of traffic Jam.

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Use your charm or a few Jedi mind tricks, be politely persistent with the airline agent, and chances are you will find yourself on another flight without fees or penalties.

(Note: This is usually if it’s not the last flight departing that day.)According to , that miracle is an unwritten policy used by some (but not all) airlines known as the “flat-tire rule” or “two-hour rule.” Simply put, some airlines will allow late-arriving passengers to fly standby on the next flight without having to pay to rebook.

In fact, you might be liable for the cost of your original flight, and be obligated to pay a small fortune to catch the next available flight. Now for the good news: Many airlines can and sometimes will waive fare rules and reservation change fees, if you need to rebook a flight that you missed for reasons outside of your or the airline’s control.

And if your flight is canceled or diverted, or you’re stuck with a lengthy delay, you can choose to cancel your trip as a result.

Even though it’s pretty boring, it’s a very smart idea to visit your airline’s website and read their Conditions of Carriage, .

Knowing the rules (like the airline’s stated cut-off times for checking in, checking your luggage and being present at your departure gate, among many other details) is important, especially if you are going to file a complaint. Factor in the time you’ll need to get to the airport, deal with traffic, rental car returns, checking in for your flight, TSA security checkpoints, and the marathon run through the airport to your gate.


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