Essay On The Problems Of Pakistan

The athletes and players don’t want to visit Pakistan due to threats of lives.

Especially after the attack on Sri-Lanka cricket team the condition has been thoroughly changed.

The management of energy has been organized to Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) but the WAPDA is now being rated as one of the most corrupted institution of Pakistan.

The role of Government of Pakistan is nominal for development and rehabilitation of WAPDA.

We face challenges including an energy crisis, poverty, illiteracy, environmental degradation and low human development.

At the same time, unprecedented investments are being made in infrastructure, our population is growing and amongst the youngest in the world, and we are rapidly urbanising.Pakistan has been declared Worst County in the world.The country has been playing in the hands of dictatorship and dishonest so called parliamentarians since its liberation.The Pakistan @ 100 project is an initiative to create greater debate on our country's long-term development vision and path, focusing on seven crucial themes as the country turns 100 in 2047.The Pakistan @ 100 Essay and Vlog Competition invites young citizens to consider the problems our country will face in its journey towards development over the course of the next three decades, and to make recommendations for how to tackle these problems.The factories/work unit/industries are near to end which is causing unemployment in the country.The students are also in great trouble due to energy crises as they could not give proper time for studies.The citizens are frightened and afraid of such kind of activities.The important and big cities of Pakistan are especially affected due to terror attacks.Pakistan is the 7 Education is the basic right of every human being.It has power to drag a human from darkness of illiteracy into the light of knowingness.


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