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However, color television sets and their accessories were very expensive at that time in addition to high prices for the colored images’ transmission.

In the early 2000s, more and more houses used DVD and CD players for entertainment instead of watching the regular television programs.

By the mid 2000s, scientists launched the Thin Film Technology (TFT) display, and in 2007, electronic companies presented TV sets and computers implementing the TFT screens for display.

Many families replaced their CRT displays with the TFT screens.

This migration was further motivated by the stereotype that the CRT screens emitted radiation that affected the viewers’ eyes if watched for a long time (Benoit, 2013).

Evolution of television (TV) is a chronological breakdown of television advancements since its invention.

Television broadcasting is a telecommunication transmission and reception of sound and images in motion.In 1965, the US television networks adopted color TV format and started broadcasting color pictures for the first time in 1966 (Benoit, 2013).In 1970, the American television networks launched cable television broadcasting, which is a technology where images and audio are transmitted to the television subscribers using a coaxial cable instead of the frequency signal.John and Margaret Walson invented cable television broadcasting in 1948.Later in 1972, Home Box Office (HBO) cable television network was launched and introduced a television network using premium cable for reception and transmission of the colored images.Throughout the decade, the cable television was the means of transmission between the transmitters in television network premises and the receivers at the viewer’s home.For instance, HBO introduced programs, the episodes of which were keenly followed by many homes leading to the fact that television became a popular means of entertainment in the US.Therefore, parents could control what their children watched and at what time (Cesar & Chorianopoulos, 2009).The TV entertainment changed in 2000 after the introduction of the DVD technology.In another experiment, he transmitted radio-frequency signals from a transmitter to several receivers operating at the same radio frequency as the transmitter.This development was the foundation for television broadcasting in 1939.


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