Essay On The Estella Pip Relationship In Great Expectations

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The key in having a good relationship is to have trust in the other person, and everything, will turn out fine.

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Examine the development and effects of the relationship between Pip and Estella Pip and Estella's story is not about living happily ever after. Dickens novel is about Pip's quest for Estella's love and what he is willing to do to gain it.

Dickens never tells us what happens, if anything, between them in the end. I think that the story is never about the love itself.

Whenever Pip fell into debt, Magwitch had knowledge and bailed him out and put him back on his feet. onto Pip, because once Pips’ “great expectations” arrive, he is reluctant to leave Joe, possibly forever.

Nobody had ever suspected that a convict would be the reason for Pips’ success in life, which makes it hard for Pip and Magwitch to begin a strong relationship because they have only known each other a few days. Joe, although he cares and will miss Pip greatly, gives him an extra push that allows him to let go and take on his “great expectations”.

This unusual man, Magwitch provides Pip with his mysterious financial status.

After Pip helps Magwitch, he goes home to his sister, Mrs.

Joe, also his mother figure, and Joe, his sisters husband, and his father figure. Joe has a quite coarse personality, while Joe cares deeply for Pip.

This creates a strong bond between the two, almost like a true father-son bond.

Jaggers also has and will have much influence on the lives of Pip and Estella.

The relationship between Pip and Estella is not getting much better and there is not much hope in it, the main reason being that Estella still treats Pip the same as when he was just a common boy. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567800503"This show's how there is not much hope in their relationship, because Estella will never have love for Pip.


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