Essay On Science And Technology Matter

The truth is that science is about so much more than memorizing a set of facts.

Practitioners with a solid scientific grounding are able to analyze data and put that data in context, rely on what is known from previous studies and extrapolate to the future, and understand how changing environmental conditions are reflected in bodily conditions.

These preferences are reflected in the revised medical admissions test rolled out earlier this year, with its newly added questions related to sociology, psychology and the humanities.

This summer, as interviews begin at medical schools around the country, candidates who want to make the final cut are sometimes playing down their science credentials in favor of their relational skills. To be sure, I want my physician to understand how to deal with me as an individual and as a member of my social group.

That’s because organic chemistry has come to symbolize all the irrelevant science hoops that premedical and medical students jump through on the way to becoming physicians.

Today, we are told, medical students should be learning “people skills,” placing medicine in the context of the community and learning how individuals make choices related to their health.Government has also created an exclusive department to emphasize on the development of Science and Technology and a separate budget is also allocated for the same.Let us now discuss the nature of Science and Technology.If there were ever a time when memorization had a place, that time is gone.Facts are cheap and readily available on every smartphone and computer.There are normally two types of knowledge required for the overall development of a country − It can be defined in the simplest term as – ‘know-how’.It includes ranges of basic skills such as advancement in agriculture, development of chemical industries, medical technology, software engineering, etc.Therefore, in order to alleviate the basic problems of food and supply, safe drinking water, health problems, education, infrastructure, etc., the emphasis and gradual development of Science and Technology is essential.An organic chemist I know tells her doctors that she is a professor of Southern literature whenever she is in the hospital.Along with colleagues at Wellesley -- Lee Cuba and Alexandra Day -- I recently published a study of science majors at liberal arts colleges.Our major finding was that science majors who took many courses outside of the sciences were better able to make connections among disciplines.


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