Essay On Science And Technology In Today'S Context

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Universities and research institutions are anxious about the recruitment of new researchers, and education authorities are worried about the already visible lack of qualified teachers of the scientific and technological subjects.In some countries, the difficulty of recruiting sufficient numbers of new entrants to the teaching profession has become a matter of national concern, especially when the level of recruitment does not even allow for the replacement of those who are retiring.It should, however, be noted that there are large (and interesting) differences between the various European countries and between the different disciplines within science and technology.

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The description is necessarily tentative and exploratory, and it is intended to present ideas for a discussion of possible explanations.

These trends may provide ideas for possible ways forward.

No period in history has been more penetrated by and more dependent on the natural sciences than the twentieth century. This is the paradox with which the historian of the century must grapple.

This is followed by a similar analysis of who needs science and technology education, and for what purposes.

The point here is that the problem of student recruitment may be perceived differently from different perspectives and by different interests.


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