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Sight offers us a certain form of awareness of this, characterized in one way by its objects.

It thus offers us occasion for another sort: we may recognize what we are aware of as, for example, a case of a pig rooting, or of an interminable drum machine.

, the artist discusses the psychology of perception by means of the projective feelings and associative illusions experienced by beholders of paintings, whether figural or abstract. ’ Jeff said, ‘A pile of logs.'” Kolker’s works and his curating them into an exhibition invite the asking of critical questions as to the beholder’s perception of the exhibition as viewed collectively; and what becomes of that perception when the beholder views each of the works as they stand alone.

“I called Jeff at the studio around eleven this morning as I drove my car to the shop for its scheduled brakes’ servicing. …Jeff aptly described the canvases he was masking as the ones that look like ‘a pile of… Is the tree perceived differently when it is out of the forest?

What follows argues that Mc Dowell cannot be quite right: if he were, thought would cease to exist.

Consumer Behavior - Perception: Perception is the sensory experience of the surrounding world and includes both the acknowledgment of environmental motivation and reactions to these motivations.

Does having read Kolker’s essays alter how we perceive the exhibition as a collective work of art; and how do we perceive each work standing alone?

In two companion essays, Kolker articulates how art stirs up emotions or pathos.

A simple idea: Perception is of what is in view (before the eyes), or making noise, or the noises made, or emitting odours, or the thus emitted (etc.).

What we see is, say, a pig, or its perambulations, or its rooting beneath that oak.


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