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As a matter of fact, it seems that they were not taken over by the media. To answer this question, we need to focus on recent publications whose plots are in close touch with the pulse of events and anchored in today’s world.

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Irony is characteristic of Donovan’s view and interpretation of the Celtic Tiger years.

As it is a permanent feature in the book, irony is also the thread that runs through our analysis.

Cette progression invite à répondre à des questions propres à toute production littéraire : écrire sous quelle forme ?

century, in Switzerland, was published a long poem written in German by Sebastian Brant who warned his contemporaries against their vices in order to save them from damnation.

Indeed, right from the paratext, the irony is obvious: the title that highlights strength, wealth and grandeur is directly followed by an epigraph which discloses the other side of the picture—“Frailty, thy name is man.” This aphorism in inverted commas proves to be a parody—an ironic process—of a quotation from : “Frailty, thy name is woman.” This connection between the title and the epigraph introduces a symmetrical contrast, an inversion as if each element contained the seeds of its opposite.

In this case, it condenses the replacement of strength by weakness, in other words, a possibility for this “country of the grand,” endowed with great power, to be weakened and impoverished.

In this microcosm, individual destinies can easily be transposed to collective fate, the short story writer having the gift of making symbols from events and characters.

He also manages to grasp what lies beneath the surface and make it tangible.

This progression will lead us to answer some questions which are specific to the very activity of writing: writing in what form? Indeed, the plots of the three novels he wrote before were set in the US for two of them and in an unnamed, war-torn country, possibly in Eastern Europe, for the third one.

According to Donovan, the stories in this collection were written over a period of fifteen years: most of them began life in the early 90s, were revised and re-worked many times; new stories were designed in the meantime; others were written just before publication.


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