Essay On Festivals And Sound Pollution

Essay On Festivals And Sound Pollution-38
Scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks have rapidly increased in number since the last century further exacerbating the problem of transport noise.Noise intensity in most residential places neighboring towns is always high because of widespread vehicular noise pollution.

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Social events like worship places, parties, gigs and discos, and so on create a great deal of noise for the people residing in that area.

For instance, worship events produce loud noises from the instruments used to amplify the voices and sounds from the pulpit.

These gadgets and household behaviors can be very noisy thereby causing disturbance to everyone in the neighborhood.

Statistically, household utilities are the principal sources of neighborhood noises.

The high intensity of sound produced by machines in various industries, mills, and factories are the major causes of industrial noise pollution.

Essay On Festivals And Sound Pollution

Engineering companies, printing presses, textile mills, and metal works immensely generate noise pollution.Electrical devices like radios, transistors, TVs, musical instruments, telephones, and loudspeakers are also sources of noise pollution.Besides, household behaviors like the banging of doors, crying of infants, moving furniture, loud quarrels, house renovations, playing of children, and so on contribute to indoor noise pollution.On the other hand, alarm systems offer effective ways of keeping off intruders from residential houses or protecting against car theft.However, at times, they cause unwanted and unpleasant noise which disrupts the ability to concentrate on other activities.In big cities like Mumbai, London, or Chicago noise from airplanes amounts to an ever escalating serious problem.High levels of noise pollution in metropolitan areas can deafen the elderly.Transportation causes of noise pollution predominantly encompass noise from traffic, rails, and aircraft.The numbers of automobiles on the roads are increasingly becoming overwhelming owing to automobile revolution in urban settings.Agricultural machinery like thrashers, tube wells, power saw, tractors, power tillers, and harvesters have proved to produce high levels of noise when under operation.As part of agricultural mechanization to make work easier, they have equally qualified and noise generating sources.


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