Essay On Expectancy Theory Of Motivation

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Mayo also identified a fundamental that seems obvious today, that workplaces are social environments and within them, people are motivated by much more than economic self-interest.

The behavioral theory did not, however, answer all the questions regarding motivation and humans at work.

Only if the reward is something the rocker wants and something they believe they have a chance of receiving will it motivate them (Yet, 1973).

Broom also emphasized that performance is affected by factors other than motivation, such as individual abilities, traits, and role perceptions.

For one, money affects people differently, especially when salaries are low.

The need for money can also vary with a person’s lifestyle.

This principle, known as scientific management, was championed by Frederick Taylor in 1911 and is still a powerful reference for modern managers.

The general conclusion Mayo came to was that there is more to work than just the work.

Whether it is money offered by a classical manager, or recognition offered by a behavioral manager, the expectancy theory still applies (Lealer, 1968).

Motivation theories are intended to explain one ingredient in the determination of individual performance.


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