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Some of the behaviors that society does not approve of are crime related, which are not necessarily deviant, but do not conform to the norms of society.

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The relativist view of the constructionist approach holds that the deviant behavior does not exhibit intrinsic characteristics, unless there are thoughts that these characteristics exist (Goode, 2011).In relation to the United States’ society, it is possible to consider behavior like suicide, abortion, bystander apathy, wearing clothes meant for the opposite sex or picking your nose then wiping the nasal mucus on the wall as deviant.These behaviors are considered deviant since they do not conform to the expectation of the American society.The offended might act by condemning the behavior since it does not conform to their expectation.According to the expectation of the society, an individual should be able to use a handkerchief to pick the nose, which is the culturally acceptable and hygienic behavior that is recognizable in the American society.When relating the behavior in focus to labeling theory, it is necessary to consider the fact that this behavior is applicable as a deviant behavior only when the society labels it as deviant.The members of the society responsible for interpreting specified behaviors in the society as deviant attach the label to the corresponding individuals to determine the feature between deviance and non-deviance.This assumption takes recognition of the fact that factors that might influence the individual to act in defiance to the societal norms are neither from the internal nor external environment.It is through the will of the individual that he or she will behave in such a manner.To consider a behavior as a deviant behavior, it is necessary to take into account the societal norms.Newman (2011) categorizes deviant behavior as deeds that assault the morals and norms of the society, of which the society must not endorse (Newman, 2011).


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