Essay On Descartes Dream Argument

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Yet if the evil demon has total control of all human life, it implies that the evil demon is greater than God, which is impossible since there is nothing greater than God.So perhaps there really is no evil demon and everything that we have experienced was never real to begin with. Like the evil demon argument, the dreaming argument also states that we are being deceived into believing what we know to be true, or rather what we know to be real.

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It is however possible to use this argument for global scepticism as unlike the dreaming argument, the evil demon argument is in fact plausible.

The evil demon deceives us into believing what it wants us to believe, while global scepticism makes one aware of the constant deception that we experience everyday.

Bearing this in mind it is safe to say that if our senses can deceive us, even once, it is unwise to trust and rely on them.

2009)We then have to ask ourselves that if we cannot trust our senses, what can we rely on and trust to not deceive us.

However, our senses can deceive us, so what's not to say that our senses are not deceiving us all of the time.

Or if what our senses tell us is supposedly true most of the time, how are we able to differentiate between when we are being deceived and when we are not?

So when we wake up, we know that we are no longer asleep and dreaming and are once again in reality.

However, according to Descartes's argument we could be having one long coherent dream that we are unaware of and have yet to wake up from.

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