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It is a well known fact that if you do not want to repeat the mistakes of past, you should learn the history. Select any era, any movement in art, any art school and describe its specific features, origin and its brightest representatives.It is not always necessary to become and art expert in order to perceive and comprehend art.Start perceiving art as different streams falling into the river that moves in one direction.

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In relation to designs, one can argue that in the neoclassical time, they belonged to the real masterpieces of art because early human...

The concept and the form of art have substantially changed over the last decade.

These photographs may be hers or may belong to others.

Peyton has become famous for the depiction of celebrated and regal personalities. Both Aristotle and Machiavelli were the political thinkers who came up with different thoughts about the current political systems that were capable of governing nations.

When it comes to the handicraft definition, technique and skills cannot go unmentioned.

It is also important to understand that among all the designers involved in the human skill labor defending, the England and America arts and crafts movements have always had a close association. Romanticism is a literary, artistic and philosophical movement that began early in the 18th century in Europe (Galitz, 2000).

It shows Ophelia a character in Shakespeare’s plays Hamlet, sin...

China is a country that is rich in culture as vividly displayed in the various ways.

After a more or less tranquil stretch a turbulent period arrives.

Although this statement is a play on words, in comparison with Dadaism and Cubism, the preceding Impressionism is perceived rather calm than not....


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