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Essay Map provides students with step by step guidance in the construction of an informational essay.

Some of my students seem to struggle most with constructing an introduction and conclusion to their essays.

This one has received more views than any other that I've featured.

Essay Map is a handy tool from the folks at Read Write Think.

You then type a few sentences that introduce the topic, fill in main ideas and supporting details about the topic that you’ll include in your essay, and write a few sentences to conclude the essay.

Using this information, the site creates a printable essay map graphic organizer that can be used to write your final essay. Grammarly: This app is a more in-depth spelling and grammar checker than the ones available in common word processing programs.Luckily, online resources that offer assistance with the essay-writing process exist.Now it might not be for everyone, and some may feel it isn’t fair, but there are companies now that employ people to write your essay for you, like this custom research paper writing from emergencyessay.We’ve found a few great tools that bring essay writing into modern times.With these apps and websites, writing your essay should be a breeze. Essay Writing Guide 3.0: This app supports students in the area of organization, content, style, and mechanics.You can log into the site for a free membership and upload your essay.The program identifies spelling and grammatical errors.Essay Map is probably too basic for most high school students, but it is definitely a good tool for middle school and elementary school students.BARTOS-ELEKES Zsombor – TIMÁR Gábor – IMECS Zoltán – MAGYARI-SÁSKA Zsolt Fligely’s Topographic Mapping of Walachia (1855–1859), Szathmári’s Map of Southern Romania (1864), its Geo-referencing and Publishing on Web (2011–2014) Authors, affiliations Zs. Imecs Ph D: geographer and expert in geoinformatics, assistant professor at Department of Geography in Hungarian, Babeş–Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) Zs.The sleek looking and easy to use app offers instructional notes on writing concepts, explanations of proper grammatical and stylistic rules, and examples from literature.A college English professor developed the Essay Writing Guide app.


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