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And to encourage you during this process, I’d like to share a few success stories from our community. I like that the lessons are at our own pace, and that she can master the material in a way that works best for her! ” “Although we haven’t pursued an official diagnosis, our eight-year-old son has all the characteristics of dysgraphia.The best thing we ever did was back off from writing for a while. He loves his “My son used to feel defeated, but now he has so much more enthusiasm for reading since he doesn’t have to write.

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For example, does your child avoid Scouts or clubs because he may be asked to fill out forms?

Is he hesitant to participate in any activity that involves writing, even something as simple as signing his own name? If so, you have probably experienced firsthand the frustration, anger, and anxiety that dysgraphia can cause.

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It’s important to address dysgraphia, and to prevent it from stealing your child’s motivation, his joy of learning, and his self-esteem.

Starting today, you can help make learning easier for your child with dysgraphia by implementing three simple ideas.Hello my daughter has struggled with writing even though she’s learning and in 1st grade she still writes some letters backwards and capital in the middle of words..i notice something new today she has a spelling test coming up we are study i will ask her what word spells T.o.d.a.y she will say today then i immediately say write the word and she wil struggle to spell today when she recognized it when i asked the letter but dont when she has to write this normal and what can it be Jashaun, Much of what you describe is very normal for a child that has recently started first grade.“He uses his magnetic letter tiles to build his words now, and he’ll often ask to handwrite the words he has built.The tiles help him tell his Handwriting may seem like a small part of education, but it affects your child’s ability to express ideas.She loves to read and she reads soooo many books that it amazes me why her spelling is not good.I also noticed that she struggles with writing capitals on names or places and sometimes she writes an upper case in the middle of a word. Perla, I am sorry your daughter is struggling, but am pleased to read your determination to help her! I know adults in their 40s and 50s that have been helped to finally have success with reading and spelling, so 12-years-old is definitely not too late!In school, she loves reading but she is terrified of grammar.She has always reversed b and d when she writes (in 5th grade a teacher helped her with writing it in different materials and she improved so much) She was tested for dyslexia and it was determined that she didn’t have it because it was the only letter that she struggled with.Compensation means helping your child “work around” his handwriting issues so he can still continue to learn. After all, dysgraphia is a serious issue, and surely we don’t want to just “work around” the problem, right?Well, at first we Once the pressure is off and your child is learning in other subject areas without pen and paper, it’s time to work on penmanship skills.


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