Essay Environmental Protection Conservation Ecosystem

Therefore, in my opinion, it is our responsibility to beat plastic pollution, to save the lives of the creatures that have been suffering from plastic pollution.

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I suggest as solution to just say “NO” to straws, as we can drink any kind of drinks without straws and glasses are a good substitute for straws.

Another good suggestion is whenever you go to the market for shopping, don’t forget to carry a paper or cloth bag and also try to avoid bringing plastic bags home unnecessarily.

The creatures that have been suffering from plastic pollution want to be free from plastic pollution problems, but they don’t have the ability to solve their problems.

But human beings have ability to observe the causes of these problems and to find out the best way to beat it.

The accumulation of these products has led to increasing amounts of plastic pollution around the world.

Plastic pollution occurs when plastic has gathered in an area and has begun to negatively impact the natural environment and creates problems for plants and wildlife.

This is one of the most direct and rewarding way to fight ocean plastic pollution.

You can simply go to the beach or waterway and collect plastic waste on your own or with your friends and family, or you can join a local organization’s cleanup or an international Coastal Cleanup.

There are even more effects of plastic pollution, many stray animals end up eating plastic bags and bottles which can cause their death.

Next, during the rainy season, plastic rubbish falls on the road and gets washed away into nearby water and canals.


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