Essay About Starvation In The World

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Women often go without meals, while men leave the country to find work, not returning for up to two months.

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Read on to learn more about hunger and better understand what the World Health Organization considers the greatest single threat to global public health.

Every year, the lean season falls between in the months before harvest when crops are not ready to eat.

So much food is wasted in developing countries due to inadequate food production systems.

Some of the factors responsible for food losses include inefficient farming techniques, lack of post-harvest storage and management resources, and weak market connections.

If they're farmers, they can't afford the tools, seeds and fertilizer they need to increase their production, let alone have the strength to perform laborious work.

Essay About Starvation In The World

The limited income also means they often can't afford to send their children to school or they pull them out to work to help support the family.Malnutrition causes stunting — when the body fails to fully develop physically and mentally — and increases a child’s risk of death and lifelong illness.A child who is chronically hungry cannot grow or learn to their full ability. Around 9 million people die of hunger and hunger-related diseases every year, more than the lives taken by AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Poor nutrition is responsible for nearly half of all deaths in children under the age of 5 — about 3 million children die each year because their bodies don’t have enough of the basic nutrients they need to function and grow.The issue, largely, is that the people who need food the most simply don’t have steady access to it.In the hungriest countries, families struggle to get the food they need because of several issues: lack of infrastructure like roads and storage facilities, frequent war and displacement, natural disaster, climate change, and chronic poverty.The majority of these hungry families live in rural areas where they widely depend on agriculture to survive.In many places, male-dominated social structures limit the resources women have like job opportunities, financial services, and education, making them more vulnerable to poverty and hunger.Sixty percent of the world's hungry are women and girls. A mother who suffers from hunger and malnourishment has an increased risk of complications during childbirth or delivering an underweight baby, which can mean irreversible physical and mental stunting right from childbirth.Learn more about the impact of malnutrition ▸ Fifty percent of the world’s poorest families don’t buy their food — they grow it.Even if children are lucky enough to go to class, their malnourishment prevents them from learning to their fullest.Lack of education prevents better job opportunities in the future, confining yet another generation to the same life of poverty and hunger.


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