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’” Recently more women are speaking out about facial hair, helping to address the taboo.

But I suppose everyone thinks that about themselves too.

“In the essay I talk about how I don’t think I’m normal – but how do I know when everyone is getting rid of the thing we’re trying to compare?

Every time I stumbled across an article about myself, every fear I had about my pubescent body was confirmed: I was ‘ugly,’ which as a woman, made me useless, or I was ‘cute,’ which made me an object. Because I was a child actor, my body was public domain.” and called out the way fans talked about the show’s 13-year-old lead, Millie Bobby Brown.

Specifically, Mara was irked by the way one grown man commented on Millie’s appearance at the season 2 premiere.

“That was when I had the reckoning between, ‘Am I going to be natural, like my parents say is best, or am I going to have to absorb these social norms?

’” Regarding facial hair removal, Mara put forward the theory that women are trying to maintain the look of a young, fertile woman by removing thicker, darker “moustache” hair that often sprout as women get older.

“During my research I was shocked by the lengths that women will go to in order to conceal their hair.

“I read about the North American Hiroshima Maidens, women who were using X-rays in the 1900s to remove their hair, with the knowledge that X-rays could really hurt you, that it could cause cancer, ulcerations and death.

“If you talk to a beautician, the number one question they get while waxing people is, ‘Am I normal?

’” Mara told how her preoccupation with body hair began after she was shamed as a schoolgirl for having hairy legs.


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