Essay About My Grandfather

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On the D-day we were so excited that we kids could not control it. First we kids were allowed to climb for a small height. Stepping on the foot of a mountain to climb it is really exciting.

With lots of instructions and warnings we stared our journey and the much awaited journey came to an end. We tried hard, but could not make it to a good height that we could.

Every night before bed, I looked at it and whispered, “I love you, Papa.” Though his accomplishments in football were remarkable, other things on Papa’s plaque stood out more.

These are the lines I read over and over as a teenager, and that helped guide me into manhood: With all his deeds at his alma mater, in 1928 He rescued 4 families from the East Nashville flood, At the risk of his own safety.

Bald, with white patches of hair on the sides of his head, Papa was short, maybe 5-foot-7, and smelled of Chaps. When I had friends over, he greeted them with a grandfatherly laugh, saying, “Hey, how are you doing?

He had a round belly and always wore black-rimmed glasses when he read the paper. How about if I fix you boys a nice big cheeseburger?But what I’ve tried to do, and what I expect my boys to do, is to be a good person, to be modest and to bring people together, despite their differences.I want plaques made for them based on the kind of human beings they are, and the difference they make in this world.We, along with our family friends, on our holidays planned our trip and started preparations for it.We used to do our daily exercises so that it would strengthen our bones and muscles for the climb.He was far too humble to share his accomplishments. He tried to help my mother raise us after my dad left, but her drinking got so bad that we moved in with my aunt and uncle when I was 5. My uncle was arrested for various white-collar crimes and my aunt caught him cheating, so they divorced.Papa helped my aunt raise my sister and me, along with her own three children.During my junior year in high school, my English teacher, Mrs.Self, had us write an essay to practice for the multitude of college admission essays we would be writing.I want them to be good role models, the kind of role model Papa was for me, and the kind of role model I try to be for them. After having it tucked away in my closet, long neglected, my wife pulled it out and hung it on our bedroom wall above my dresser, as a reminder of the standards I set for myself so long ago, and of those same standards we have set for our boys.Follow On Parenting on Facebook for more essays, news and updates. You might also be interested in: An unexpectedly beautiful view of fatherhood, from the bathroom floor Why my sports dreams for my son may not come true Yankees vs.


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