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Other contraindications vary depending on the procedure and the age of the person.

Other contraindications vary depending on the procedure and the age of the person.

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For example, in 1999: The number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States increased by 119% in the 1997–1999 period.

Women of all ages and backgrounds undergo cosmetic surgery.

Unlike the other major type of plastic surgery (reconstructive surgery), cosmetic surgery is undertaken for aesthetic rather than health reasons.

It involves operating on healthy body parts, to change their appearance with the aim of improving an individual’s self-esteem and satisfaction with their appearance.

Some of the most common body parts which patients modify through cosmetic surgery, either changing the size or shape of, are: Non-surgical cosmfetic treatments are those which alter the appearance by changing the structure of body tissues, without surgery.

Such procedures may be offered in non-medical settings including dental surgeries and beauty salons.Surgeons report that the procedures most commonly requested by teenagers are breast augmentation, lipoplasty and rhinoplasty.Since data on cosmetic surgery procedures is not routinely collected in Australia, the number and types of procedures performed in Australia is unknown, as are the characteristics of Australian women who undergo plastic surgery.In the United States, 333,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients below the age of 18 years in 2005 compared to 14,000 in 1996.The most popular procedures performed on teenagers were lipoplasty and breast augmentation and an estimated 90% of the recipients were female.Studies of liposuction patients have reported ages ranging from 17–74 years.There has also been a substantial increase in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed on adolescent women.Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may be unsuitable for people with eye conditions including glaucoma, dry eye and detached retina.Lipoplasty (liposuction) is recommended for individuals who are within 30% of their ideal body weight, with good skin tone and who maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Hundred of thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out in the United States alone each year.Cosmetic surgery refers to a surgical procedure undertaken to reshape and change the appearance of a body part.It may change the structure, position, colour or texture of a body part or feature and is initiated by an individual who is unsatisfied with their appearance, rather than by a doctor who thinks the surgery will improve the individual’s health.


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