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He presents a very interesting read in which he strikes a fine balance between accurate and reliable history and telling the story of what happened in Stamford in and, possibly more importantly, entertaining way.

The seventeenth century was full of challenges; political, social, and economical.

Salem Witch Trials Lisa Haddon When the Puritans arrived in North America and settled their colony in the of New England they brought with them their ideas about Satan, and the fear of the devil saturated their culture.

Puritans belief in witches stemmed from their European heritage, witchcraft was associated with heresy as it revolved around anti-Christian religions.

Importantly, there was no proof that she said that the Devil was her tormentor before the ministers talked with her.

Katherine’s testimonies before the court became more and more questionable.

Section/# A Breakdown with Charity: The Salem Witch Trials: A Review The book A Break with Charity: The Salem Witch Trials delves into the issue of how the early Puritans engage with one another and held a warped and superstitious if you of the world in which they lived.

Much as with many of the books written concerning the Salem witch trials, it is the belief of this reviewer that the author of the book sought to write it not only as a historical and objective account of the events that took place, but also as a stark warning to the dangers that a theocratic, superstitious, and close minded community can affect not only upon themselves,......

Women were defined by men and were seen as an accessory to men.

In the colony of New England women were learning how to have a silent voice, while still maintaining the proper role of time.


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