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In the same context it is also argued that greed, corporate or individual can offset compassion and commonsense.Therefore enforcement of laws and the need to comply with regulation alone is a sure way of ensuring worker rights at the work place.

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This reduces the profit margins and therefore it can be argued that the firms that lack bigger financial resources, small and even medium-sized businesses may experience difficulty in terms of the compensation and fringe benefit offerings needed to attract qualified full-time, permanent employees.

This has spawned the more recent -- temporary and contract employee to whom these benefits do not occur.

It is true that litigation plays a major part today and it is a necessity.

The Rights and Litigation: In this context we can examine the process from the time of employment to the employee leaving the organization and see if litigation has replaced commonsense and compassion and if there was any compassion at all in the first place. In a research by Torres and Preziosi (2008) a review of the FLSA regulations showed that the outdated law is applied to the current day workforce and the relationship between management decisions based on this regulations, have a very negative impact on compensation systems and the business "resulting in legal exposure and associated costs as well as business impact.

It can be shown by examination of research materials that while in some countries the 'conscience based arrangements work' it is sadly lacking in the U. For example there exist many outdated laws in the U. Preventative measures could be taken to avoid and/or correct these challenges via policies and systems." (Torres; Preziosi, 2008) Thus the implementation of mandatory statutes can have a negative impact.

If employment and selection has legal hurdles the termination and the process of adhering to all the clauses of the contract and the employee welfare requirements can cost the firms the sky.

Finally, it is As emotionally intelligent employees are reportedly more content, conscientious and committed in the workplace, businesses and organizations are repeatedly advised to recruit and retain these individuals.

Abraham (2006), nevertheless, reports that the strongest findings emerging from her study was."..

Researchers conducted a study on the multinational corporation's employee termination practices in the United States and Canada show that between these countries there is no differences and the employees' legal protections in the two countries and the company claims a uniform corporate employee termination process.

In comparison the researchers point out to structural and procedural differences in the employee termination process.


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