Emerson Transcendentalism Essay

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Waldo Emerson moved to Floria, which critically influenced his future being.He met with whom he had long discussions of philosophy, politics, religion and society, agreeing on many topics.

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"The fiend that man harries Is love of the Best; Yawns the pit of the Dragon, Lit by rays from the Blest.

The Lethe of nature Can't trace him again, Whose soul sees the perfect, Which his eyes seek in vain.

The content of this lecture later formed the fundamentals of his famous essay ‘ he saw the true source of divine revelation.

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of the creative activity of man as a driving force for a fundamental renewal and source of freedom and self-determination of the individual.

In later years, the movement established a journal, of which (1870).

In 1864 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Ralph Waldo Emerson enrolled at Harvard College at the age of 14 and throughout his time at the institute, he took jobs as teacher and was known for his activities as class poet reading various works to his classmates.

Also from early age on, Emerson started to create a list of read books and poems with personal journal entries he named ‘Wide World’.

The essay is known to have had a great impact on ‘, which depicted the foundation for both, his philosophical and literary career.

Emerson and befriended intellectuals hosted several gatherings, which formed the Transcendental Club.


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